A few nights ago, I woke up to the sensation of a mysterious furry critter running down my leg. Texas may be overrun by

I once heard a story about an infestation of mice overtaking a cat in Patagonia and eating it alive. That could have been ME everyone! Photo credit: wherethewildthingsare14.wordpress.com

mutant insects and rodents, but this (fortunately?) was a first for me.

Not so fortunately, all of my roommates grew up in the deep wilderness of places like Siberia and Alaska (who knows really?) So, no one found this concerning except for me.

Being a modern woman, I reacted by first cowering in fear for several hours but THEN I took matters into my own hands!

Admittedly, it took me a while to get around to it (I’m a little slow, ok!?) But after several sleepless nights, mice-themed nightmares and finding a rogue baby opossum under my dresser (yes, really!), I came home to a mouse darting toward the safety of my closet.

Naturally, I called my step-dad and begged him to somehow do something from two states away. One of the problems with being a grown woman, however, is that no one else can shake the shoes in your closet out to check for wild animals except for you. Between small panic attacks and a good pep talk, I managed to check every last shoe but never found the mouse.

To put my mind at ease, I set up a few traps around my room. Almost a week later, they haven’t caught anything, which I found odd since my bedroom had apparently been the perfect place for a wildlife preserve just a few days ago.

On closer inspection, ALL of the peanut butter I placed on the traps was GONE! GONE! Those mousy bastards came in, chowed down and then didn’t even bother to die!

Lesson learned: you can set a mouse trap wrong. If you don’t want to spend your nights having small dinner parties with your rodent friends like me, check out this video:

To console me through all of this, one of my roommates called me up yesterday to tell me that he too woke up to a mouse crawling on him one day. He reassured me that all he had to do was reach out and calmly push the little guy off. Call me cruel, but I’ll be resetting the traps tonight anyway. I may even violate the lease and adopt a cat. What’s one more animal in the house?